Adventures in Time Tracking Prototypes, Round 2

Old home screen (L) vs. new home screen (R)

 After a brief pause in designing, wherein we received user feedback on the heuristics of our design, we sat down to evaluate the changes and refinements necessary to our time tracking prototypes. There is a lot to be said for bashing heads with your team members to create efficient, minimal prototypes, and the arduous process of slowly whittling away at unnecessary details to bring out the most important features of our application. 

We spent much of the day with this whiteboard after touching on necessary fixes to the prototype. Mapping out the flow of each screen was extremely helpful to help us realize how each section of the app would interact with others. We figured out what was needed to contribute to the flow, and more importantly, what elements were redundant and/or unnecessary to the application.

Stay tuned for the latest prototype images!

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